Create 45 App Store images in minutes!

This Sketch file is designed so you make a few changes to the setup page, and over 40 other artboards will be updated with your custom info. Within minutes, you'll be able to export 45 screenshot images.


Sketch Required

Using Sketch symbols and text styles, this tool makes creating all the required screenshots for your iPhone app incredibly simple. Just make a few adjustments, add your own content, and export.


Device with Text

This tool setting your screenshots on devices with explanatory text above it. You can set whether the iPhone is white or black.

Screenshot Only

Just want the screenshot resized to all the iPhone resolutions? This tool will export 4 sets of your screenshots at the correct resolutions.


Screenshots for every iPhone

This tool will quickly export several styles of screenshots for you to choose from, in every resolution Apple requires (5.5", 4.7", 4.0", 3.5").

  • iPhone 4/4s
  • iPhone 5/5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+



Just choose a folder and the files will be exported like this. They are exported in JPG format because iTunes connect currently requires that.

Android *Bonus*

Nexus 5 Bonus Set

These are included in the off-chance your screenshots are the same for Android devices. Screenshots are laid on a Nexus 5 and are set in a way where the nav bar is clipped, so they aren’t blantently iOS screenshots.

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